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Bananas, Bomb Tests, and Radiation - by David Smith

Have you ever walked into your local Dairy Queen and ordered a radioactive banana split?  Or possibly more likely, have you ever booked an airline flight and asked for your personal 2 REM dose of radiation?  Right now, everyone on earth is bathed in a soup of radioactive energy.  There has never before been a time when it was more important to cleanse our bodies of ever present radiation.  Alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays, muons, neutrinos: the list is long and puzzling, and most of it has nothing to do with human activities. 

In Perry A~’a new book Living Clay, you were introduced to the miracle of Calcium Bentonite Clay.  This natural mineral will do more than any other substance (natural or pharmaceutical) to remove radioactive isotopes from our bodies and to assist our bodies in returning to a state of good health.

This brief article is primarily for those of us who lead healthy lifestyles.  No matter what we do, no matter how health conscious we’ve become, no matter what precautions are taken, our bodies are radiated daily.  It is crucially important to counter, to remove this radiation and the resultant damage from our bodies on a daily basis.  There is nothing better for this purpose than using Therapeutic Living Clay on a daily basis.  So, just what is it you need to protect yourself from?

The average American, that’s YOU, gets a dose of around 360 REMs (millirems) of radiation per year – roughly equivalent to 36 X-rays.  About 200 REMs of that comes from radon gas, a colorless, odorless byproduct of natural uranium, found in trace amounts almost everywhere.  The radioactive decay of radon gas produces alpha particles (healthy nucleus of a helium atom), beta particles (fast-moving, positive charged electrons), and gamma rays (very energetic, aberrant, positive charged photons).  Radon is not a problem for some, but in many homes it can accumulate to dangerous levels.

Medical X-rays come in second, dosing a person with 53 REMs a year on average.  The next biggest external source of radiation is, well, pretty much everything around us, contributing about 28 REMs per year.  The food we eat, the clothes we wear, even the plastic keys of the keyboard your hands are now resting on, are all naturally laced with tiny amounts of unstable isotopes, radioactive cousins of normal atoms.

For example, all living things require potassium, and one out of every 8,550 potassium atoms is a radioactive potassium I-40 atom, meaning that all food emits a little bit of radiation.  Since bananas happen to be high in potassium, they are actually one of the most radioactive foods.  Eating 60 bananas is about the equivalent of having one chest X-ray.  Not recommended at one sitting…

Radiation from cosmic rays comes next, at 27 REMs per year.  Cosmic rays are mostly protons plus a smattering of alpha particles and other atomic nuclei.  Their origin is not understood, but they come from every direction in space, traveling at almost the speed of light.  Cosmic rays smash into the upper atmosphere, producing a secondary cascade of exotic particles like muons, short-lived heavyweight versions of electrons.  Each muon has the same charge as an electron but over 200 times the mass.  As this cascade penetrates deeper and deeper into our atmosphere, more and more of it gets absorbed by our bodies.  This means that living in Denver will expose you to more radiation than living in a sea-level city like Miami.  For every hundred feet of altitude, the annual dose from radiation increases by 1 REM per year.  And, based on altitude, a four-hour airplane trip will immediately add 2 REMs to your annual exposure.

Consumer products like smoke detectors, which rely on a small alpha-particle-emitting lump of americium-241, add 10 REMs per year.  Contamination from atomic weapons tests may sound scary, but they contribute less than one REM – unless you happen to be wandering the Marshall Islands barefoot… Nuclear power plants supply the same small dose on average.

Finally there are neutrinos.  These are emitted by the gazillions from the fusion factory at the core of our sun.  They pass through matter like a laser beam through fog.  Occasionally, a neutrino will in fact collide with an atom, adding to your radiation dose.  But don’t worry, you would have to be alive for a million years to get the same dose from solar neutrinos as you would get from a single banana.

Everything mentioned up to this point has been about external sources of radiation.  In addition to that, 40 REMs of our annual dose is internal, generated from the decay of isotopes incorporated into the molecules of our bodies: a potassium-40 atom in the brain firing off a gamma ray here, a carbon-14 atom in the liver spitting out a beta particle there.  In fact, enough radiation escapes our bodies every night we sleep with another person, that we add about one REM to our annual dose.  And no, we don’t feel the need to recommend lead-lined jammies…

Radiation is a real health problem.  Calcium Bentonite Clay is the real solution.  I recommend reading the book Living Clay if you want to learn more about protecting your family and yourself from our inevitable exposure to radiation.  And if you’re now ready to begin healing your body from damage caused by radiation, I recommend you visit for the best Living Clay on our planet.



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