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Nature's Body Beautiful Calcium Bentonite Clay Information Resources

The Clay Cure
by Ran Knishinsky


Complete info on clay as a supplement is effective against many illnesses.  Complete info on choosing the right clay and how to use it for specific ailments.  Discusses the science and history of clay ingestion and its nutritional value. 

Living Clay
by PerryA~



Calcium Bentonite Clay – history & uses, and what it can do for you!  Perry A~ is a motivational speaker who in 1995 experienced the miracle of Living Clay for herself. She has since dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge of it. 


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How Clay Works - Absorption and Adsorption

Clay works in many way, but two of the easiest to understand ways are "Absorption" and "Adsorption".


Clay absorption acts like a sponge. The Bentonite clay molecule draws other substances into its internal structure. Absorption occurs after the foreign substance undergoes a chemical change allowing it to enter the clay’s molecular inner structure. Toxins that were only sticking to the surface of the clay’s outer structure by ionic bonding (adsorption), are then pulled inside the clay molecule. This is why absorptive clays are labeled "mobile layered" or "expandable" clays. The more substances pulled into the clay’s inner structure, the more the clay expands and its layers swell.  


Absorbent clays have a charge on their inner layers, with charged ions between the layers of the clay molecule surrounded by water molecules. This clay will expand as it absorbs foreign substances, which fill the spaces between the clay molecule’s stacked layers. Absorbent clay absorbs positively charged toxins and impurities and ignores negatively charged nutrients.  Calcium Bentonite clay is the most effective clay, with the strongest drawing power.

For information on where to purchase clay, please visit our Clay Sources page (CLICK HERE).



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